A housing product and a system for manufacturing and assembling solid, quick-to-build homes—with substantial savings in life cycle costs from fabrication through habitation.


ICH is an award winning holistic mass housing solution for India, being jointly developed by ProjectwellKieranTimberlake, Bakeri Engineering, RICS and Sam Circle Venture. Standardised, component based, solid houses are produced off-site and put together on-site.

ICH addresses a new market, one that pairs a shortage of 26 million housing units with the need for sustainable growth.

It is a fully developed housing solution poised for application on a mass scale. Its modular construction system leverages established precast concrete material technologies. The system is quick-to-build and reduces waste during construction. Home owners will conserve water and energy during inhabitation.

This is the result of close to three years of intensive research and development. The research began with a search for a solution to the paradox that India faces; the housing shortage keeps on increasing every year and houses keep on getting more and more expensive. What evolved was a ‘design of the system’ exercise; i.e. looking at the core of the entire process of acquiring a roof over one’s head in India and addressing all issues connected to it, including access to credit, socio-economic factors, construction technology, et al.